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I see the underlying goal for most clients as wanting to find meaning in their life. At the heart of this is clarifying your identity. This leads to a sense of purpose in life and connection within yourself and with others. Having a stable sense of self can greatly help you face the challenges and uncertainty that is inherent to the human experience.

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Mary Burns, M.A., Registered Clinical Counsellor

I am passionate about helping people enjoy their experience with living and am open to all unique ways of being in this world. My work as a counsellor allows me the privilege to learn more about life through other people's experiences. It is such a pleasure to witness and support people as they become confident in their authenticity.

I completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Victoria in 2005, and a Master of Arts degree in Counselling Psychology from Golden Gate University in 2013.  In addition, I successfully completed all practica, coursework, and qualifying exams in the Doctor of Clinical Psychology degree at Adler University, before withdrawing in 2022 to focus on my family and wellbeing.

My office is located in the iconic Vancouver Block building at 736 Granville St, Vancouver, BC. However, I am currently only seeing clients online.

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Foremost, I provide you with a safe environment, where you can feel at ease to be yourself without fear of judgment. I see the underlying goal in therapy as helping you release yourself from ways of thinking, feeling, and being that are not serving you, so that you are able to embrace who you are and live an authentic life. 

To accomplish this, I work with you to set your goals. I will then help you reach your goals by processing sources of unpleasant emotions, empowering you with knowledge about how to use your emotions and mind as a tool, and focussing on the values and passions that make you unique. Throughout this process, I integrate evidence-based techniques drawn from Emotion-Focussed, Attachment-Based, Psychodynamic, Cognitive-Behavioural, Somatic, and Existential therapies. 

This approach is helpful for people who feel “stuck” in their life, who are depressed and/or anxious, have difficulty connecting with others, or are living with emotional pain due to past experiences.

I am currently only offering sessions remotely, via a secure online platform.



I see existential conflicts as being the deep roots of many psychological issues, such as depression and anxiety. What does that mean? Life can be hard: we experience uncertainty, loss, responsibility, and many of our greatest challenges we must face alone. This is a universal struggle, and it often shows up in our moods, relationships, and engagement in life.

The goal in existential therapy is to reconnect with your authentic self, and create a life that holds meaning for you.



Trauma has a tendency to impact one’s sense of self, others, and the world, often with devastating and long-lasting effects. Through processing of the trauma and finding meaning within it, I can help you reclaim your life, giving you back the power and freedom that may have been taken from you.

I have doctoral-level training in trauma counselling for male survivors of sexual abuse and am a registered Crime Victim Assistance Program counsellor in BC.



I am currently offering individual therapy sessions that range from 50-90 minutes, depending on your needs and preferences.  Ideally, therapy works well when attending weekly, as it keeps up the momentum and helps you remain focussed on your goals. However, I understand that time and finances are often obstacles, so I am flexible with finding a frequency that fits your needs.

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You are worth investing in!

As the fit between client and counsellor is so important, I invite potential new clients to contact me for a free 30-minute consult to explore whether I'm a good match for you and your needs.

$165 for a 50-minute session

$235 for a 75-minute session

$275 for a 90-minute session

Prices include GST

If you are unable to attend a scheduled session, I require 48-hours notice to avoid the cancellation fee.

If you are registered with BC's Crime Victim Assistance Program, a significant part of the therapy fee may be covered.

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"You are free, and that is why you are lost."

Franz Kafka

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